The Taste of Blood

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My 2016 chapbook, THE TASTE OF BLOOD, may be ordered from the publisher, Finishing Line Press, or from Amazon.

John Oliver Simon, poet, teacher, translator, and author of Grandpa’s Syllables describes the chapbook this way:

“Linda Lancione dances the brother-sister embrace, primal as Jacob and Esau, down to the funerals, you come to mine and I’ll come to yours. Such an unflinching moral inventory: so vividly the bad-boy psychotic banished brother comes across, or is it the sane estranged poet-sister who ends up looking wrong? Each tightly-crafted poem in this powerful sequence is a punch to the gut. I challenge you not to read The Taste of Blood in one sitting.”

To order The Taste of Blood from Finishing Line Press  please click here.